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I'm still alive!!

omg, it was like a thousand years i don't post in my journal.
but yeah, now i'm back fellas! Now, i just want to drop by and say hi and to know you all that im still alice. but i promise i will post some good things in the next post. so yeah. byeeee~~
Kyouraku Shunsui - Hit

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Uhm. Getting a little bored.. Haha.

anyone wants some animated icons request? just give me the link vid and tell me the seconds you want =)

on making progress : crazyliloua

actually this post isn't imposrtant. just to make sure to you guys that I'm still alive. lol!
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Kyouraku Shunsui - Hit

Narnia : Prince of Caspian

Watch this movie today. And it's a TOTAL AWESOME! Really love this movie! (after Iron Man of course :P tee hee)

Well. That's make my next batch of icon is : Narnia and The Cast XD (LOVE EDMUND!)

anyway i open a request animated icons :)
If there's a scene that you like it to be an icons. I may can complete it :)
Just give me the vid link and tell me what scene you want it to be iconed (minutes to minutes)
And if you want it to be added a text. Please tell me :D

*sorry if my English is SUCKS!
Kyouraku Shunsui - Hit

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YAAAAY!! I was confused of choosing my mood theme.
There's three choices Avenged Sevenfold, Simon Pegg, and WWE.
After i made up my mind.. I choosed Simon Pegg!! Yaaay!!
Want some of the mood theme? go to more_icons :)

Anyway, I want to watch Iron Man again! It's not enough for me to watch it one time! :)
You that haven't watch it. I suggest you watch this movie. Especially those who loves Fantasy Movie and Marvel Lovers :P

Hmmmm.. That's for today :D. Gotta goo!! GBU!
ps: don't forget to check out my Iron Man icons batch ;)
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